Machine pilates made portable.

a private pilates studio at home or on the road

Stay home. Do Pilates.

Machine Pilates is big, expensive, and not portable. We took the most important aspects of the Reformer and Cadillac, and boiled them down to a highly portable, affordable, Pilates device.  Along with that, we also bring you the best Pilates instruction in the world.

Pilates Wheel COR - $199

• Completely portable and streamlined machine Pilates
• Do hundreds of exercises and workouts anywhere you want
• Access to online instruction
• 8 thoroughly instructed routines (Including: fundamentals, center of the room, and focus routines)
• Access available to live and on demand classes
• Nutrition guide


Pilates Wheel DLX - $249

*Now available for pre-order. 

• The same portability as COR with an added anchor system
• The anchor can be secured to any fixed or heavy object for real feel reformer
• Make progressions from COR movements to more advanced anchor movements, including strength and cardio workouts
• Access to online instruction
• 15 thoroughly instructed routines (Including: fundamentals, anchor, cardio, and strength)
• Access available to live and on demand classes
• Nutrition guide


DLX Anchor Package - $69

*Now available for pre-order.

Turn your COR into a DLX with the DLX Anchor Package. The anchor attaches to a heavy object such as a sofa, or under a door, expanding the COR repertoire, and giving you a truer reformer feel. 


The wheel is amazing and works every part of your body. It focuses on improving your strength, balance, and flexibility. I didn’t think it was possible to make Pilates any better or more fun. The Pilates Wheel has accomplished this.

Laura London - AADP Certified Coach & Fitness Specialist

If you like Pilates without the $2500 reformer and the $50 per class - THIS IS IT. It's even harder than the reformer because you need more balance - core strength - to keep the wheel steady.


I'm so thankful to have something I can do at home that combines the body stretch and strengthening of yoga, pilates, and dance. I get a little zen and mindfulness time just for me almost every day. My body feels great and I'm enjoying so many videos to choose from.


getting started

Instructional Videos Online

Brian and Kristin take you through setting up your Wheel, and teach you how to use it with beginner to advanced Pilates routines. 


Hundreds of workouts at your fingertips.

Train with some of the best Pilates instructors in the world from wherever you are. 

get fit with us

Live & On-Demand Classes

View our Facebook Live video archive, complete with free Pilates Wheel instruction, and workout tips.


There's more to the Pilates Wheel than the Pilates Wheel.

You're not just buying a product - you're joining a family. Whether you're a beginner or a Pilates veteran, you'll get the support, encouragement, and content you need to reach your fitness goals. 

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