A Look at Pilates from Outside of Pilates

I am the co-creator of The Pilates Wheel. My partner is a long time Pilates practitioner and teacher, but I don’t come from a Pilates background. My background is in strength and conditioning - you know barbells, dumbbells, speed chutes, and agility ladders. I was in the gym or on the field, but didn’t really ever look inside the studio. As my education evolved and my exposure to Pilates expanded from my relationship with my business partner, I started to realize the amazing contribution to fitness and human performance that Pilates offers.

The important factors in fitness, athletic performance, and healthy daily life are moving from a strong, neutral core (trunk) through a full range of motion without compensation or imbalances. In my business this is the first thing we look at when starting work with athletes or anyone else. This is also where Pilates starts and then continues to put you in a good position, and create good movement through every series as you progress. It's the first rule of Pilates.

I’m not a proponent of using one mode of exercise as your sole means for fitness, but if Pilates is your sole means of fitness, it isn’t a bad one. My advice is keep your attention on your teacher and your progressions. Always keep a mind to good form, and don’t move into more complex and challenging series until you can perform them from a stable neutral spine through a full range of motion. The epitome of Pilates that’s good for everyone!

~ Brian

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