Beginner to Intermediate in Five Sessions With Kimmy and Dana

The more you practice something the better you get at it. Pilates and the pursuit of flexibility, mobility, and flat abs is no different. Whether you are doing just one time or as many as four sessions a week, every five classes you will notice shifts and changes in your skill set, your physical body, and what you are able to understand as well as perform.

For the first few months (sometimes years) of whatever fitness we do, we are mostly just getting better at doing the moves, then after we understand the mechanics, we add personal style and make it our own. For our entire lives, our dedication to our fitness, especially Pilates, helps us battle the natural wear and tear of life. People often say they can feel the ebb and flow of their ability to sustain a consistent practice in how easily they move and how happy they are doing the little things in life. We are here to help you find and sustain your fitness, and your happiness through your life.

Here is a suggested five session series from our YouTube page with Kimmy and Dana to progress you from a seasoned beginner into a more intermediate practitioner. We start combining the work of both teachers to add endurance and new ways of moving, while keeping you in a place you can still enjoy the work from.  Let us know what you think.  We love hearing from you!

1. Pick a 30min, Kimmy, Full Body COR and follow it up with Dana’s shorter cardio (15 min) immediately after or later that day.

2. Either the next day or day after that, just do one, 30min, Intermediate, Full Body COR with Dana.

3. For your next session, hopefully not more then 48 hours later, please pick a 30 min, Kimmy DLX workout and then follow it up with Dana, Lower-Body Express (16min).

4. Next day, now that you have even more control over your muscles, progress to Dana, Intermediate DLX Neutral Spine.

5. Within 48 hours of the 4th session, you are ready for the 5th session in the series! Combine Dana’s COR Intermediate Posterior Chain workout with her longer (23 min) cardio video to finish.

From here you are ready to take off into the world beyond the beginner workouts. Please always be cautious and remember we love hearing from you so you can ask us anything!

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