Building Strength With Pilates Wheel

Strength is the basis of all movement. I say that a lot, mainly because it is true, but also because it is a reminder to many of the people I work with of the importance of maintaining strength training in their workout regimen. Besides the very first rules of good mobility (full, pain free, range of motion in all joints), and ideal postural positioning, the very next step is to start to build strength throughout the body. Trust me, as we age, maintaining good levels of strength will carry you further than maintaining high levels of cardio. Endurance training is good, and can easily be integrated into your strength routines, but make sure the strength routines make a regular appearance in your workouts.

For a little kickstart, here’s a strength/a bit of cardio routine you might want to try. To your health and longevity!

 If you'd like to add the Pilates Wheel to your workout regimen, take a look at the COR and DLX, and decide which one is right for you. 


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