How Do I Get Pilates Strong?

Strength is the basis of all movement. This is why, our strength training and mobility efforts have to be consistent. No matter your level of ability. You must start somewhere and never stop progressing.  As we age it is even more necessary to push ourselves to be stronger and more mobile because time won’t stop but we can stop time, to some extent anyway. And Thank God! For best results you have to constantly, challenge yourself. 

Pilates is weight bearing exercise and can be made more and more challenging due to the nature of the progressions. Sometimes however, it is good to change some of the fitness variables to add more stress to your skeletal and muscular system.  

As this can be easily accomplished with the Pilates Wheel, we are bringing you Pilates Wheel Strong to add to your weekly line up!! 

PW Strong will challenge your muscles in a way that perfectly compliments your Pilates practice. 

We will be challenging the variables below in each workout! 😼😺

  • Frequency 
  • Intensity 
  • Time under Tension 
  • Increased Tension 
  • Stability/Instability
  • Unilateral Movement vs Bi-Lateral movement 

Pull out your calendar for this week and add a PW Strong class and see what kind of a difference it makes! Then let us know by sending us a pic or a video with a few thoughts on how the Pilates Wheel is helping make you a stronger, more mobile Pilates Wheel practitioner and we will thank you with a cash reward! 😎 💵   

View the first video in the Pilates Wheel Strong series here. 

Keep in touch. We love hearing from you!

– The Pilates Wheel Team

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