New MoreMobility Series!

We don’t all have the time or inclination to do a full workout every day; yet our bodies still suffer the daily wear and tear of life. Our MoreMobility series is designed to give you the perfect 3-5 move sequence to keep the aches and pains away while also keeping you limber enough to move freely throughout your usual day.

We're offering you some neck, hip, and back relief with our first series. When we are achey, we don’t look and feel like our favorite version of ourselves. This lowers our self-image in ways that we do not deserve and makes us feel older and more infirm than we actually are. The MoreMobility series is designed to change exactly that. The movements are both familiar and fun and do not take long to do.

We're hoping you start to keep your Pilates Wheel handy throughout the day when you crave a shot of fresh oxygen in your blood, and that long and lean feeling in your body.
Your renewed self-image of someone with great posture that knows how to take care of themselves will radiate from you, letting yourself and others experience the best version of you!

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