Pilates Wheel for Your Charity Races & Fun Runs!

Nice weather often brings us outdoors and together for a variety of different reasons, two of those being charity races and fun runs! Whether you are new to running, a weekend warrior, a seasoned competitor, or somewhere in between, the mobility, flexibility and core strength that the Pilates Wheel can provide are essential in having a good time and feeling like you want to come back for more!

We have unlocked the following four workouts from Pilates Wheel Digital so that you can get the most out of your outdoor activities. Doing Pilates before or after a run or bike ride will ensure that you stay flexible and safe. Workouts on non-running or cycling days will make sure that your next run or ride is better than the last one! Check out the workouts below and see what happens when you weave them all into your week. We think you will look and move better than ever! Let us know, we love hearing from you!
Road Race Prep
Instructor: Kimmy
DO THIS: in the morning before a run, ride or swim to make sure you are truly ready for action!
DO THIS: right after a run, swim or cycle workout or the day after a hard race.

Powerhouse Classic
Instructor: Gregory

DO THIS: before your race or on non-running, riding or swimming days to keep you strong fit and toned.

Abs & Upper Body
Instructor: Dana

DO THIS: immediately after lower body cardio training such as a run, ride or swim, or on days that you do not do cardio.



Don't have a Pilates Wheel yet? Check out our two models: COR and DLX, and enjoy these workouts from the comfort of your own home.


If you haven't subscribed to Pilates Wheel Digital, we offer new Pilates Wheel classes every week from our world-class instructors. Watch on any device - TV, mobile, or computer with our iOS, Android, Roku, and Apple TV apps, or visit pilateswheeldigital.com. Memberships are $14.99/month, or $149.99/year, and come with a 30 day trial. No commitment, and you can cancel any time.


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