Sample 7 Day Program: How to Get the Most Out of Our Teachers Through Your Week!

In case you are having a hard time figuring out how to use our amazing teachers throughout the week - here is a sample 7 day program. Not only will you get to experience each teacher right in your home, you will have all parts of your training covered!! Give it a try, let us know what you think!

Sunday - Restorative Evening or Restorative Mobility with Gregory

Monday - (depending on skill level) DLX Beginner 101 Full Body w/ Kimmy Or Advanced DLX w/ Ava, topped off with, or done later in the day to re-energize, Cardio! w/ Dana.

Tuesday - Strong Upper Body w/ Gregory

Wednesday - Intermediate Full Body COR w/Dana, followed by Cardio! w/ Dana.

Thursday - Intermediate/Advanced Full Body DLX w/ Ava or Beginner Full Body DLX w/ Kimmy.

Friday - Pure Pilates Wheel w/ Gregory or Intermediate COR with Kristin (both are 45 min +).

Saturday - Quick Legs & Abs w/ Kristin - Go outside and use your mobility and flexibility for fun! Then dance somewhere at night!

Take advantage of these free home Pilates workouts with the Pilates Wheel. If you don't own one yet, take a look and try it for yourself:


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