Train the Anti's

Want a six pack? This is how you get a six pack...

The Core – an often talked about and often misunderstood area of the body. “I need to work my core," we say. “This exercise is good for your core," says our well meaning friend. Do we know exactly why we’re doing this good for your core exercise? Let’s see if we cant create a little insight.

The core, or the trunk or pillar are terms we prefer, is the area from the top of your shoulders to the point of your hips. The area of your body without limbs.

There are a couple of very important jobs the core has. One is to transfer energy or power from the legs through to the arms. Think about throwing a ball. The legs drive into the ground and that energy is transferred up and through the core to the arms. If there is a breakdown in the transfer of energy the throw will lack velocity.

The other, and its obviously related to energy transfer as well, is stabilization. The core stabilizes the spine and should allow it to maintain a good postural position throughout a movement. That’s what we are going to talk about today.

If we want to maintain good postural integrity and remain in a stable position throughout movement, we must train the anti’s.

  • Anti-flexion 
  • Anti-extension
  • Anti-rotation

Today we are going to show you 3 examples of exercises you can do to aid in trunk stability.

Resisted/Weighted Hold or Carry

2x30-60 seconds
With good posture, shoulders back and down, abdominals engaged, neutral spine, walk back into the resistance until you feel your postural position is being tested. Hold in this position.

Resisted Dead Bug

2x10-20 reps each side
Lay on your back, find neutral spine and raise feet off of the floor so that hips and knees are at 90 degrees. Keeping the shoulders back and down pull the resistance bands into tension till arms are perpendicular to your body. Alternate leg extension and flex ion while maintaining neutral spine and tension on resistance bands.

Pallof Press

2x10 each side
Maintaining neutral spine walk sideways into resistance until postural position is tested. Press handle away from your chest with both hands, maintaining neutral position and not allowing trunk to rotate.


Use the DLX Anchor Package or the anchor that comes with your Pilates Wheel DLX for these exercises.


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