Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder Summer Deal

Hey, everybody! 

We have a really special summer offer just for you. You’ve heard us talk about how important hydration is, and you might have heard us talk about Ulla as well. It’s a handy tool we like to use to remind us to hydrate properly.

From now until they are gone there are two ways to get your Ullas for you and your friends:

1. You can buy an Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder for 50% off retail. Normally $25 you can get yours for $12.50! SHOP ULLA NOW


2. Send us a short video (30 seconds or less) testimonial/review of your experience with your Pilates Wheel, and we’ll send you an Ulla for free! Send it to support@enginefitness.com and include "TESTIMONIAL" in the subject line of the email.

Either way it’s a deal that can’t be beat! See how cool this smart little gadget really is below. They come in five colors: pink, blue, white, mint, and purple. 

 Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder

  • Reminds you to hydrate at optimal intervals. Ulla gives you a little flash reminder every 40 minutes if you haven’t had a drink.
  • Remembers the last time you took a drink and let’s you know when it’s time to drink again. She has an internal ergometer that knows if you’ve tipped your bottle or glass to drink.
  • Knows when you’ve left the room and knows when you return. Ulla’s motion sensor is aware when you’ve left the room and goes to sleep until she senses your return
  • Goes to sleep when you do. Ulla also senses light. When you go to sleep so does she.
  • Fits any glass or bottle.

Now that’s smart hydration!

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