What is your Pilates Wheel Digital Personality Type?

We all have a personality type. When we take a look at ours we realize we like to do things a certain way. That goes for our Pilates Wheel classes as well. How can Pilates Wheel Digital work best for you? That answer depends a lot on you and your fitness personality.

Below are the four personality types. Choose which one best describes you, so you can get the most out of your fitness!

1. I like the new stuff! Give me new classes and only new classes. I’ll sort out the rest. 

Whether it is news, Netflix, or fitness - you want the NEWEST, most current version of whatever you are consuming. No time for yesterday’s content. No repeats. Doesn’t matter the lead or teacher - As long as it is NEW you are there! Pilates Wheel Digital featured carousel is where to go. With enough new and varied workouts each week, you never have to explore beyond these classes to get started and stay happy. Commit to a new Pilates Wheel workout 3-6 days a week and be very impressed with how great you look and feel in as little as 2-3 weeks. We've unlocked one new class from each teacher per week until October 31 for those who don't yet have a Pilates Wheel Digital membership. 

2. I have my favorites - both teachers and workouts. I go to them and only them.

In most cases, you like to stick to your favorite teachers and favorite workouts. You love your playlist and the teachers that you know. Why fix it if it isn’t broken!? A sure thing is a sure thing especially when it comes to fitness. Pilates Wheel Digital makes it easy to find and follow your favorite teacher(s), create your own favorites playlist, and find a new favorite class or teacher! All of our teachers create routines that will lengthen, and strengthen you all week long. Click on the name of the teacher below each video to see just their workouts, or use the catalog filter. You can also click on the heart icon at the bottom of each video to add a video to your favorites. Check out the classes online here or download our app. 

3. I like a schedule and I stick to it! ie: mobility flow Monday, whole body Wednesday, and legs and abs Friday. Give me a schedule, baby!

You tend to have a weekly regimen, you stick to it, and you hit all of your marks. You like to apply a schedule and regime to most things. It allows you feel accomplished and in control. PWD is no different! We have unlocked these six workouts for you to try this week!

4. I like to work toward a goal, or do a specific series of workouts that lead me to a predetermined result.

You move through life via goal-setting. You like to have a predetermined future for most of your efforts. Knowing that a process over time will garner a measured result is all you need to show up. You will love our Programs


Don't have a Pilates Wheel yet? Check out our two models: COR and DLX, and enjoy these workouts from the comfort of your own home.


If you haven't subscribed to Pilates Wheel Digital, we offer new Pilates Wheel classes every week from our world-class instructors. Watch on any device - TV, mobile, or computer with our iOS, Android, Roku, and Apple TV apps, or visit pilateswheeldigital.com. Memberships are $14.99/month, or $149.99/year, and come with a 30 day free trial. No commitment, and you can cancel online any time.


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