Why Pilates Wheel is the Ultimate Core Machine!

pilates wheel video about core machine

Want rock solid abs...and a strong lower back, amazing posture, strong lats, and just for a bonus bombproof shoulders? Of course! Everybody does!

The Core is comprised of a whole system of muscles working together to stabilize the trunk. (That’s why we don’t really love the term Core, because too many think of it as just the abdominals). So, it just makes sense that if you want a stronger and more stable trunk, that you would do more trunk stabilization exercises.

Now, most often, when you are in need of trunk stabilization you are being active so it would make sense to do active trunk stabilization exercises (I promise that is the last time I’ll use the term stabilization in this article). One of our favorite exercises to achieve this is the rollout, and the Pilates Wheel is uniquely designed to be the best tool for advancing your rollout repertoire and leaving you with a super strong Core!

Check out this short video to see how you can be easily and quickly on the way to a longer, stronger, more mobile body!


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