Why is Strength Training the Perfect Complement to Pilates?

Pilates is lengthening, strengthening, and elongating each of your muscles from your core. Each exercise set in Pilates is a series of progressions through a determined sequence of muscles until fatigue. Rep counts are always low. Movements can be both large and small.

Strength training is the practice of increasing the ability of muscle fiber to support the skeleton through a range of different movements against gravity. Exercises in strength training are broken into frequency, intensity, time, and type, and can use many or few muscle systems.

Strength is the basis of all human movement on earth.

Gravity never quits. Our options are to keep our body and our minds strong from strength training, and our posture, balance, mobility, flexibility, and cognitive reflexes sharp with Pilates. 

Easier said than done. 

Even as I write this, I can feel myself not wanting to do my workout later. And because I just told you, I will make myself get started on it when the time comes, and hope I get into it as I go along. That really is the key. Just start and then see what happens. You will always be happy you did!!

Here's a free strength workout with Kristin on our Pilates Wheel Digital platform! Incorporate it today in to your Pilates routine. 

Do you have a strength request? Let us know - requests are the best! We love hearing from you!

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