Our Instructors


Kristin Anderson

Kristin Anderson is a Pilates instructor and is the co-founder of Engine Fitness, and co-creator of the Pilates Wheel. She’s been featured in People, ESPNU, Fox, Health Key, MomTV, and Modern Mom as a regular contributor, as well as other shows and publications.

Kristin specializes in total wellness and longevity. She has worked with many athletes and, actors alike to specifically help them develop a long term approach to health and career longevity. 

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A native of Buffalo, NY, Gregory is a classically-trained Pilates instructor who first came to the practice after years of organized sports left him with multiple injuries and the need for a major shift in his relationship to physical activity. Pilates taught him to take control of his body and thereby heal himself through a new understanding of movement. Recognizing such a discovery was too powerful to keep to himself, he decided to share what he had found with others and became certified to teach. After more than twelve years in Los Angeles, he recently moved back to the East Coast and currently lives in Sag Harbor, NY. Beyond his work in movement, Gregory dedicates his time to writing.

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Kimmy Fitzgerald has been a fitness educator and trainer in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills for over twenty years. She brings together a deep understanding of kinesthesiology and a naturally positive disposition to inspire clients to meet their goals. Seven years ago she was introduced to Pilates and it has become her passion; you can often her hear around the gym saying “I believe everyone should do Pilates.” She has been a part of the Pilates Wheel from the beginning, working with the product in the trenches, learning about its value directly from clients, and integrating the lessons into the company’s strategy. Kimmy grew up in Canada, and was an accomplished athlete in downhill skiing, volleyball and track and field.

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Dana Hanlon

Hailing from Martha’s Vineyard, MA, Dana is a certified Pilates Instructor in Los Angeles. After working as a personal trainer for many years, Dana suffered a hamstring injury. Her search for the safest workout to build strength, flexibility and mobility led her straight to Pilates and she has never looked back. Dana loves sharing the benefits of a dedicated Pilates practice with her clients, and even her 8 year old daughter:-)

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Ava Comissiong

Ava Comissiong hails from Miami, Florida, where she trained in ballet and went on to study with Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre in New York. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, she booked a world tour with Latin pop star Chayanne, and has danced in several TV shows and films. Due to an ankle injury, she was forced to take a hiatus from dance and found her love of Pilates as part of her recovery process.

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