Samantha W.
Pilates Wheel DLX

Pilates has been great for my core after having two babies, but the timing of the classes and the cost were making it hard for me to keep up. This cost about 2 months worth of my weekly classes, and I’ve probably used it 6-7 times in those two months. The classes I’ve taken have been great! I wish I could fit it in more often. For someone who is super advanced with reformer Pilates it may not feel as hard— though I haven’t tried any of the advanced classes to maybe it is! The classes are great for me.

Susie F.
Pilates Wheel COR

I love it! It was simple to put together. The available videos are great. Would like to see more of just COR versus Deluxe since I haven't yet order the anchor portion.

Kim V.

Pilates Wheel COR

I love working out with the Pilates Wheel. Several years ago I took Pilates reformer classes, which I loved until it became cost prohibitive! Working with the Pilates Wheel reminds me of being in a reformer class, in the comfort of my own home. It’s easy to use and I’ve been following the videos on the website, which have been great.

Pilates Wheel DLX

Bought the PILATES wheel and it’s AWESOME!! Treat yourself!! I love it! Can’t get enough!!

Pilates Wheel COR

I'm not one to recommend much... but if you like pilates, (not the squats w/ weights that I did for two years and gained muscle weight), the stretch and tone every part of your body pilates. Without the $2500 reformer and/or the $50 per class - THIS IS IT. I've been doing it for a few weeks now, already see a difference in toning, flexibility, strength, and mentally I feel 100% better because every part of my body is worked in one hour. I bought the $199 version and it comes with workouts on DVD's but now I just go on their FB page and there are literally 100's of video classes I can do while it's playing on my desktop computer. All you need is a yoga mat. The gal Kristin is so easy to listen to (doesn't bug lol), give you all the reminders I always need like "shoulders down!" and I have to say it's even harder then the reformer because you need more balance - core strength - to keep the wheel steady. I'm still shocked every time I do something new that I did on the reformer and can now do with the wheel. It's crazy! AND it's portable! Just saying....one hell of an invention.

Pilates Wheel COR

So I've had my wheel for a good couple weeks now. I'm so thankful to have something I can do at home that combines the body stretch and strengthening of yoga, pilates, and dance. I get a little zen and mindfulness time just for me almost every day. My body feels great and I'm enjoying so many videos to choose from. My schedule and lifestyle were making it hard to have that zen me time. This was exactly what I needed to start to feel whole again. I'm also absolutely amazed at the thoughtfulness that happened in designing the function of the pilates wheel, the combined simplicity and complexity are amazing. I'm also so thankful I can take it with me when I have to be away from home. Thank you for creating this and I can't wait for my DLX anchor to arrive.... I should have known I would just want it from the beginning.

Pilates Wheel DLX

I couldn’t even sit cross-legged when I started working with the Pilates Wheel. I do one of the workouts —anchor is my favorite — every other day. I feel stronger, taller and can breath more deeply throughout the day. Part of my Wheel package was missing when it arrived and customer service worked with me to ship out immediately. I look forward to more workouts being posted!

Pilates Wheel COR

Always a great workout. I'm 67 and have the mobility of a 39 year old thanks to Pilates.

Pilates Wheel COR

Just unpacked my wheel and did fundamentals... love it!

Pilates Wheel DLX

Got one last week and lovin' it!

Pilates Wheel DLX

The pilates wheel coupled with your daily workouts has been a game changer for me! Thank you so much!

Pilates Wheel DLX

Thanks!!! I love the live sessions! and the archived ones too!

Pilates Wheel DLX

WOW!! Thank you so much!! I'm a winner anyway from having gotten the Pilates Wheel which is THE BEST fitness tool I've ever used - EVER!! I love it so much!! Happy New Year!!

Pilates Wheel COR

Thank you!!! Best purchase of 2017 was my pilates wheel. Cheers to 2018! 🎉

Pilates Wheel COR

This is my favorite piece of home exercise equipment! I love all of the different video classes. Great workouts in just 30 minutes.

Pilates Wheel COR

So impressed that you keep coming up with new workouts. Love to run across new moves, like the torso twist in this workout! My husband says that this was money well spent. I couldn’t agree more.

Pilates Wheel COR

I really like my Pilates wheel set up. I haven’t brought the wheel on travel yet, but plan on it at some point. I am enjoying all the live videos on FB. Good addition to the ones that come with the package. Although I have only actually been “live” once, I just do them at my convenience.

Pilates Wheel DLX

Hi! I wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU for creating a great piece of equipment! I pride myself on introducing new and unique equipment to my clients which has made me stand out as an independent trainer.

I could not wait to roll out (pun intended) the Wheel! It has received positive reviews in the short time I have had it. I am INCREDIBLY picky about the equipment I invest in. 1. It shows clients I take the time to research and put a lot of thought into the equipment I select, 2. It gives them the opportunity to learn about tools that are out there that they may not have had the opportunity to use or heard about.

So thank you for allowing me to thrive as a creative trainer and wish you continued success and hope you create the next best thing!

Pilates Wheel DLX

I can't recommend the Pilates Wheel enough. I received my yesterday, took less than 10 minutes to put together. This morning I had my first workout. It was more than I hoped for.

The selling point was watching the demonstration video showing a workout with the Wheel alongside of a workout on the reformer. First time I looked at a sales video and thought, "this is not a gimmick.

I have a lower back injury. I can twist to throw something in the trash and end up at my Orthopedist office getting trigger shots and pain meds. I've tried yoga, swimming, BARR etc.

When I took my first set of reformer classes, I was hooked. Nothing got me stronger in such a short amount of time and without injury. However it is expensive in my area.

This mornings workout with the Wheel was the same stretch and challenge as the Reformer. I was impressed with the instructor's (video) attention to form and breathing.

I highly recommend the Wheel!!

Pilates Wheel DLX

I love mine! I decided to take my "bigger" machine out last night since it has something similar to a jump board and it was a pain to put together. I like the convenience of the pilates wheel. I can take it anywhere, it does not use a lot of space, it's not heavy and for the price, it's about a month of unlimited classes at a studio; and I am sure I will be using the wheel longer than 1 month!

Pilates Wheel COR

The Pilates Wheel challenges me every time I take it out. I love the ability to move in three dimensions and work on mobility in brand new ways. From band-resisted rollouts to shoulder stability exercises done on one leg, the Pilates Wheel brings my entire gym anywhere I go. Plus, 10 minutes with the Wheel during lunch helps to reverse a whole day in front of the computer. It instantly became a staple in my fitness routine!

Kelly B.
Pilates Wheel DLX

I've had mine for a week and LOVE it. I took reformer classes for over a year, but just couldn't afford them anymore. This is perfect for an inhome reformer experience. The videos are well done also.

Pilates Wheel DLX

The Pilates Wheel delivers a solid workout in a small space and provides a comprehensive level of instruction, including a weekly meal plan. It's time to focus on the new you.

Pilates Wheel DLX

Received mine last week. I can't resist using it. Its my new obsession. Portable, easy storage, affordable, efficient, and ideal for reclaiming your strength, flexibility, and physical agility. Having difficulty setting-up the training sessions on YouTube instead of DVDs for easier access. Otherwise, "I'M LOVING & LIVING IN MY PW MOMENTS."

Pilates Wheel DLX

I've been blown away with muscle tone. I've been starting to see in my core and arms since starting my program. I'm even down a few inches, which has been quite a pleasant surprise. I've really never felt better and if you are on the fence about giving Pilates Wheel a try I HIGHLY recommend you give it a shot. I started as a TOTAL Pilates machine beginner and Kristin made it incredibly easy to work me up to the advanced level. Thanks Pilates Wheel! You guys rock!

Pilates Wheel DLX

This in my opinion, is the most brilliant thing ever brought into the fitness world. I am someone who lost almost 250 lbs became a personal trainer and taught fitness classes. Then I got a raging case of Lyme Disease that almost crippled and killed me. I have tried Pilates machines and actually do not like them...at all. This device is going to be a game changer for me...and it will be for you too. No matter your level, your age, etc...you can use this...even in a chair. Do yourselves a favor...if you don't have this get it...if you do have it and unsure just stick with it...you'll see. This needs to be made available everywhere on the internet, and put in gyms. Once I get myself totally back...I will be getting another one to use with clients. Brilliant! To the makers: please make a chart and a card set as well for the times you can't take a chart with you or dvd. I can see that a bag would be helpful too.

Pilates Wheel DLX

I have had a pilates reformer for 16 years and it is worn out. Was looking at the price of another one - approximately $500. I just could not spend that much money plus it took up so much room. My body, however, really thrives on pilates. At 56 it keeps me limber and strong and feeling great. I was just so thrilled when I found this product. I was not sure it could do as much as the machine but thought I would try. IT IS PERFECT. I have had it a week and still don't know all the things it can do. AND, I love the compactness (if that is a word) of it. Thank you, Thank you.